Everything started when we began organizing flights for Turkish guest workers travelling home from Germany to Turkey during the 1970s. We were one of the first companies organizing charter flights from Germany to Turkey.



During the 1980s when the tourism revived, we started organizing private tours on specific days of the week for the German tourists who visited Turkey.



During the 1990s, fair tourism increased in addition to holiday tourism. Due to increasing demand of fair tourism in Germany, we began the acquisition of hotel rooms and opened our sales department. Businessmen who wanted to develop, grow and monitor the world closely took a great interest in international fairs held in Germany. As fair tourism flourished and fair participants increased in number, we expanded our services in this field.



During the early 2000s when the demand for holiday tourism increased, we stopped our services of flight tickets and focused our attention on accommodation services through exclusive holiday packages. We aim to serve our customers in a better way through our office in France and Turkey which we opened in addition to our central office in Germany.


As the understanding of tourism has developed and independent holiday plans besides all-inclusive tours have now appeared, we have improved our travel packages in order to meet all the demands. We continue to offer our services to all the different segments of the society through a variety of travel packages to romantic ones, from holiday packages for football fans to luxurious holidays.



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